Eight Zillion Strong for Obama

I wish that I made bootleg Obama t-shirts. Really. Judging by the insane turnout for last night’s rally (30,000-40,000, depending on who you ask), and all the crazy t-shirts, hats, buttons, pins and butt-printed shorts, somewhere out there someone is cashing in big with all this.

You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful night for a rally. You could ask for a more on-time candidate. But it’s hard to complain when the weather is so great. If only they had dropped the lights and started serving liquor after the event — it would have been the most amazing party in Philly history.

Alas, it was a family affair.

The location (the Visitor’s Center at Independence Park) allowed for some mighty historical and impressive backdrops, and provided Obama the opportunity to prove that he passed 8th grade history. The speech was short and sweet, repeating the post-debate talking points (no more divisive politics, McCain is Bush III, vote for me!) we’ve been hearing everywhere, but the people ate it up (even the jaded photogs I was standing near seemed a bit enamored).

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