The Ron Paul Plan

No, they still haven’t given up … and they expect to win. The new strategy? Elect Ron Paul-friendly delegates:

Delegates from Pennsylvania are not pledged to a Presidential candidate. They are allowed to vote for whomever they want – and you will be electing them. Each Ron Paul supporter will be notified of the names and ballot positions of our candidates in your Congresional [sic] Districts soon.

Let’s speculate for just a second, shall we? Republicans across the state aren’t going to turn out unless they have an exciting primary. Hell, half of ’em have registered Democrat just to have someone to vote for tomorrow. What if—I think maybe there’s something in the water—only the Ron Paul supporters came out. And what if—no, seriously folks—what if they did elect only Ron Paul-supporting delegates. Seriously. ‘Cause like, this is the first large state full of crazies where there was no reason for a regular Republican to vote. And what if they won Pennsylvania?

According to Hillary its all you need to become president.

Oh god the Paultards are geniuses.

via PhillyBlog

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