It’s Hillary … no duh.

Let the spin begin.

Polls are closed!

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Philadelphia Weekly!

Primary Day!

Out in the field, and by the field I mean the streets of Philadelphia. This morning I had polling problems out in West Philly — a machine was down, and the people in line were starting to get pretty angry (there was some talk of sabotage, but I think it was probably just that the folks out there weren’t entirely sure how to work the machine). 

More Hillary supporters than you’d think are out, and since it’s the first nice voting day for an important election in like a billion years, I’d guess we’re going to have pretty high turnout. A Society Hill polling official thinks they’re on track for 70%. 


Everyone Wants Single Women

Single women are the hot political item. According to CNN:

Political experts say if they continue to mobilize, these women could have a big influence on the election of the next president. Already this year, the presence of unmarried women at primaries has reached historic levels.

Next thing you know, single women will be drinking, smoking and cussing. What is the world coming to?

The Ron Paul Plan

No, they still haven’t given up … and they expect to win. The new strategy? Elect Ron Paul-friendly delegates:

Delegates from Pennsylvania are not pledged to a Presidential candidate. They are allowed to vote for whomever they want – and you will be electing them. Each Ron Paul supporter will be notified of the names and ballot positions of our candidates in your Congresional [sic] Districts soon.

Let’s speculate for just a second, shall we? Republicans across the state aren’t going to turn out unless they have an exciting primary. Hell, half of ’em have registered Democrat just to have someone to vote for tomorrow. What if—I think maybe there’s something in the water—only the Ron Paul supporters came out. And what if—no, seriously folks—what if they did elect only Ron Paul-supporting delegates. Seriously. ‘Cause like, this is the first large state full of crazies where there was no reason for a regular Republican to vote. And what if they won Pennsylvania?

According to Hillary its all you need to become president.

Oh god the Paultards are geniuses.

via PhillyBlog

Own a Little Piece of McCain

John “Walnuts!” McCain’s online store is finally open! Now you can get your nautical pin, your “Women for McCain” cup, your state-shaped lapel pins (point out Beaver and Intercourse to all your out-of-state friends, geography buffs!), your weather-inappropriate  ice scraper or a button showing just how old McCain really is (look! the first picture is a tintype!).

While your at it, pick me up a copy of the smash hit Faith of My Fathers … only $50!

All proceeds go toward building the American-made robotic parts that keep John McCain alive.

Polls and Predictions

Look at this mess:

That mess up there is the polling trend map for Pennsylvania, courtesy of

I’m not a very good gambler. I once got swindled by some guy in N.Y. for $20, and promptly lost another $20 trying to win the first $20 back. So I’m not going to declare anything about tomorrow with too much certainty. I will say I had a dream last night that Obama lost by 6 points, which is exactly the worst possible amount for him to lose by, as it is neither a glorious win for Clinton that will keep her campaign energized on the way to Indiana, nor is it close enough to get her to drop out of the race.

I’d say it’s likely Obama loses by 3%. If he’s down in the popular total by that small an amount, the weird distribution of delegates will have him take those in the end, a la Texas. And if that happens no one in the party is going to let her keep running.

Obama, though, can’t manage to seal the deal. And he’s a lot better at the surprise wins … so if things look close and optimistic for him, you can be pretty sure he’ll get screwed in the end. With that in mind, I’d also say that he might lose by 12-13%.

So, uh, my finally prediction? Obama will lose, probably, but maybe only by 3% … or also maybe by a whopping 12%. Or I’m psychic and he loses by 6%. There’s also a chance that he’ll lose by some number between 3%-12%, or maybe even by more. Or that it is nearly too close to call. And there’s the off chance that he’ll win by some number.

Anyone want to bet me on it?

Darrell L. Clarke for President

Councilman Clarke is the only Democrat on City Council not to endorse a presidential candidate. Did he do it out of spite? No. Was it a protest insulting the quality of candidates? Nuh-uh.

It’s because Clarke realizes it doesn’t matter who he supports in this election:

He said he’s been courted like a “prom queen” by both sides, but in the end, “people are going to vote for who they want to vote for,” he said. “Who cares who I support?”

Because he proved he has half a brain, I nominate Darrell Clarke for President.

via Heard in the Hall

Meanwhile …

We missed the Chelsea Gay Bar Crawl! Oh Nos!

From Pennsyltucky Politics:

“We love your highlights,” one man yelled as Chelsea walked out of Tavern on Carmac. “You’re gorgeous baby!”
“Thank you, but that’s not why you should vote for my mom,” she responded to laughter.
“Maybe they’re swingers,” joked Ann Dicker, a state Senate candidate.

Wow. Also on board for the night of fun: Rendell and Rob Reiner.

In the end:

Chelsea and the gays +5

Obama and the gays -1

Eight Zillion Strong for Obama

I wish that I made bootleg Obama t-shirts. Really. Judging by the insane turnout for last night’s rally (30,000-40,000, depending on who you ask), and all the crazy t-shirts, hats, buttons, pins and butt-printed shorts, somewhere out there someone is cashing in big with all this.

You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful night for a rally. You could ask for a more on-time candidate. But it’s hard to complain when the weather is so great. If only they had dropped the lights and started serving liquor after the event — it would have been the most amazing party in Philly history.

Alas, it was a family affair.

The location (the Visitor’s Center at Independence Park) allowed for some mighty historical and impressive backdrops, and provided Obama the opportunity to prove that he passed 8th grade history. The speech was short and sweet, repeating the post-debate talking points (no more divisive politics, McCain is Bush III, vote for me!) we’ve been hearing everywhere, but the people ate it up (even the jaded photogs I was standing near seemed a bit enamored).