No Obama, No Lou Reed

Code for No Fun. They won’t be at the rumored Media Bureau party.

Primaries of the Future

Guess what happened while no one was paying attention to anyone but Pennsylvania and it’s super-horrible-boring-snorefest of a lame-o debate?

Obama shot ahead in Indiana:

Obama: 50%

Clinton: 45%

Philadelphia Young Republicans Schedule:

All clear.

(Not So) Homeless Jesus HOPES for CHANGE

From the Daily News, former mayoral candidate and homeless guy Jesus White endorses Obama:

“I like Obama because I feel like he has the voice of the people and has captured the heart of the people,” White said. “He’s very well-versed on all of the issues, even the sublime issues, very outspoken and stands his ground. I think he’d be a very strong president.”

Also well versed in the sublime issues? Alan Keyes.


PW isn’t the only paper endorsing people this week! Daily News goes to Obama, so does City Paper (shock!). The DP goes for … Hillary? I guess all of Chelsea’s visits worked out. Also, they endorsed McCain, because all those Wharton  kids need someone to vote for, right?

DMac Right for the Third Time Ever

He called it during the liveblog … look at what happened to searches on Bill Ayer during the debate:

via Marc Ambinder

Wasn’t the Debate Awesome?!

I sure loved it! So did David Brooks, who writes:

We may not like it, but issues like Jeremiah Wright, flag lapels and the Tuzla airport will be important in the fall. Remember how George H.W. Bush toured flag factories to expose Michael Dukakis. It’s legitimate to see how the candidates will respond to these sorts of symbolic issues.

Brooks teaches us that just because something was boring, dumb and trite in the past doesn’t mean we can’t use it to justify more boring, dumb and trite things in the now!

NYTimes: No Whining About the Media


Whoo! It’s almost time for tonight’s Totally Important Presidential Debate, and me (Alli Katz) and my co-worker (Daniel “Dmac” McQuade) are ready to make fun of the presidential candidates ’til we puke. I’m ready to eat pizza.

We’ll both be liveblogging in this post and doing other posts throughout the evening. 

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Update: Rally

Just got confirmation from the Obama campaign that he’ll be here for a rally Friday.

Big Ol’ Obamarama Rally

Phillyist has it on good information that there’s going to be a massive rally (featuring Obama himself) at the Visitors Center from 6pm-8pm on Friday. I heard downstairs from random volunteer chatter that they’re trying to make it the biggest Obama rally on record, beating the crazy numbers from North Carolina.

Thanks to the ease of the Chinatown bus, I can just about guarantee that it’ll be huge. Also, that everyone who is actually from Philly is going to be so sick of dealing with random supporters that Hillary will win.