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Meanwhile …

We missed the Chelsea Gay Bar Crawl! Oh Nos!

From Pennsyltucky Politics:

“We love your highlights,” one man yelled as Chelsea walked out of Tavern on Carmac. “You’re gorgeous baby!”
“Thank you, but that’s not why you should vote for my mom,” she responded to laughter.
“Maybe they’re swingers,” joked Ann Dicker, a state Senate candidate.

Wow. Also on board for the night of fun: Rendell and Rob Reiner.

In the end:

Chelsea and the gays +5

Obama and the gays -1

Moderately Old People Are Wise

Hey! Bill Clinton thinks that young people are dumb and gullible! That’s because he was totally alive during Watergate, which means that he knows not to trust the federal government to do anything good.  Anyway, young people are being tricked into voting for Obama because they like his fancy talk and his love of basketball. Meanwhile, old people are voting for McCain because he reminds them of their grandfathers! Only the Moderately Old baby boomers (the second greatest generation!) understand the world, and that’s why they’re voting for Hillary! Also, that’s why they like to start wars, ruin the environment, buy hybrid SUVs and raise horrible irritating children who vote for Obama!

Obama and the Gays

Remember when Obama wouldn’t talk to Philadelphia Gay News? Politico writes that it’s part of a long habit of giving the cold shoulder to the gay press:

With a decent story for Obama to tell, gay editors from Dallas to San Francisco to Boston have been left wondering why Obama doesn’t take it directly to their publications, as Clinton has done with increasing frequency since Super Tuesday.

“It doesn’t seem to match what he says at these other events,” said Cynthia Laird, news editor at the Bay Area Reporter in San Francisco. “It is very disappointing to me.”

Meanwhile, the gays are totally loving Clinton, and she is loving them back, even sending her only child to Woody’s to show how much she cares.

Hillary Positions Herself to Beat McCain to the Olds

The 90-year-old former mayor of Pittsburgh and super old super delegate Sophie Masloff will endorse Clinton.

Whilst ancient, this woman appears to be awesome, having once called Bruce Springsteen “Bruce Bedspring” and the Grateful Dead/Deadheads the “Dreadful Dead/Deadenders.” She is, according to reports, very short.

Retired Military People Endorse Hillary

Because experience is the opposite of change, or something. There’s a dig at Obama in there (you know, besides the whole commercial) and a lot of crazy eyes.

Also, a reference to the 3am call and some sweet music.

I give it a 3 1/2 star (general). Get it? Get it?!

Bad Polls, Good Polls and Holy Crappolas

Last week, PPP released a poll saying that Obama had overtaken Hillary in Pennsylvania 45% to 43%.

I didn’t bite. There are a million ways that polls can be screwed up, and the only way to estimate accurately is to discard the outliers and go for averages. But the latest poll by American Research Group shows a statistical tie: 45% to 45%. Maybe the PPP poll wasn’t so far off?

The RCP average still has Clinton with about 7 points on Obama, so maybe ARG and PPP are in cahoots to get mad media for themselves.

And Yet, Shockingly, the Penn Plan Isn’t Working

The guy in the picture is Clinton’s campaign chair Terry McAuliffe, who is employing the Mark Penn strategy of doing things exactly the opposite of what is smart and right and hoping that it comes out better than you’d expect.

…But Obama picked up another 10,000 superduperdelegates today.


Previously, Mark Penn is a genius of the counter-intuitive.

Clinton Is the New Nixon (More With the Bowling)

nixon-bowling_jp35.jpg1) She loves Quakers.

2) She has been involved in a “-gate.”

3) She loves to bowl, and has challenged Obama to bowl for the nomination, claiming his campaign needs to “get out of the gutter and allow all the pins to be counted.

[Via Hotline on Call]

The One Person You Don’t Want Encouraging You


Nader tells Hillary to stay in the race.

Delegate Count


Obama’s starting to gather more super! delegates as the folks down in North Carolina start declaring support. Rumor has it he’s pressuring people to jump on board. And it’s working. The current delegate count, according to Real Clear Politics is:

Obama: 1632

Clinton: 1499

Maybe Clinton’ll just back down. Oh wait. No she won’t.