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Meanwhile …

We missed the Chelsea Gay Bar Crawl! Oh Nos!

From Pennsyltucky Politics:

“We love your highlights,” one man yelled as Chelsea walked out of Tavern on Carmac. “You’re gorgeous baby!”
“Thank you, but that’s not why you should vote for my mom,” she responded to laughter.
“Maybe they’re swingers,” joked Ann Dicker, a state Senate candidate.

Wow. Also on board for the night of fun: Rendell and Rob Reiner.

In the end:

Chelsea and the gays +5

Obama and the gays -1


OMG! Chelsea does love the gays! She went to Woody’s after her appearance at Cobre in North Philly. I can’t get confirmation as to whether or not she did talk to Melissa Etheridge, the Obama surigate, but apparently the younger Clinton was a charmer.

Hillary has managed to win the endorsement of nearly every big-city gay political group in Pennsylvania, including Philly’s own Liberty City Democratic Club.

Future President to Visit Philadelphia



Hey! Chelsea is already campaigning for the 2032 Demopublican nomination! She’s in Philly today for “America con Hillary” which I gather means something like “America for Hillary” or “America with Hillary,” but reads like “America cons Hillary for half a second into thinking that she might win the nomination without ripping apart the Democratic party … Psych!”

America con Hillary

Thurs., 6:45-8:30pm

Cobre, 812 N. Broad