NYTimes Does It Again

More fun with food! The gray hag has a story on how the type of food you buy correlates to your voting habits, or something:

For example, Dr Pepper is a Republican soda. Pepsi-Cola and Sprite are Democratic. So are most clear liquors, like gin and vodka, along with white wine and Evian water. Republicans skew toward brown liquors like bourbon or scotch, red wine and Fiji water.

Classic proof that the newspaper is aging. Look at any college campus and you’ll find slutty conservative sorority girls downing vodka cranberries like they have a yeast infection. Plus, Hillary drinks Crown Royal … which makes her a Republican in disguise.

Previously, Who doesn’t love cheesefries?!


One response to “NYTimes Does It Again

  1. nicolleshanman

    I am a confused Republican, I drink Chardonnay in the summer, Red in the winter, Absinthe sometimes, tap water if it’s cold, bottled in foreign countries, tequila if it’s good, if I’m wine tasting…

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