Rich Obama Doesn’t Want to Get Dirty With Poor Folk

If you want truly gross politics, Philadelphia is the place to go. The L.A. Times is reporting that the Obama campaign has no plans to pay ward leaders on election day. Let’s break this down:

  • Get out the vote efforts are usually spearheaded on the ground by ward leaders.
  • Ward leaders and other random workers generally get paid on election day.
  • They’re usually pretty poor.
  • Obama’s campaign is rich.
  • The payments are a major cog in Philly’s Democratic machine.
  • Obama is (allegedly) anti-machine.

Which is worse? A guy who has millions and millions to spend on the campaign and throws it at other rich people to pay for advertising but refuses to pay campaign foot soldiers, or tossing out any semblance of “change” in order to buy in to a corrupt system?

The L.A. Times suggested it might cost him a lot of votes in Philly, particularly if Hillary buys off the ward leaders, and I could see why. It sucks when the only part of nasty politicking candidates like to get rid of are the parts that benefit the everyman.


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