Mark Penn Steps Down(ish)

The lovely and always entertaining Mark “Obama Can’t Win the General” Penn has kinda sorta stepped down. He resigned/was fired from his post as a senior strategist for the Clinton campaign and will now just be doing polling. Presumably it’s the same polling that lead him to believe earlier in the campaign that it’s in Hillary’s best interest to remain cold and aloof, to ignore small states in favor of big ones, and to not actually raise very much money.

Maybe, just maybe, Mark Penn is a genius. A Rove to end all Roves. Clinton remains aloof, everyone thinks she’s a bitch, and then we get a slam of heartwarming tears after Iowa which push her to victory in New Hampshire. Hillary loses every small state ever, but wins a lot of the big ones, which gives her an awkward but compelling argument that, coupled with her appearance as a “fighter,” leaves some super delegates questioning whether … Obama can win the general … which is what Penn says he can’t do. He managed to take the presumptive nominee and make her into the underdog just in time for many irritating Rocky comparisons.

And then, after making a public ass out of himself six ways ’til Sunday with all sorts of conflict-of-interest and general suckitude, he steps down in time to ride a wave of publicity. Instead of a quiet Friday bow-out, he went out like a big Monday slap on the face.

Hmmm, very crafty Mark Penn. I’m on to you, you and your svengoulian trickery.

It’s just a shame we won’t get to see you mud wrestle David Axelrod or David Plouffe in the City Hall courtyard.


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