Notes From the Interns


This election is about youth and participation, so to that end we’re featuring the thoughts of our dear interns: one a Hillary fan, the other a lover of Obama. Here’s Melanie with why she loves Hill:
Obama peer pressure is hard to avoid, considering that his
Headquarters is in the same building as me. And that the
volunteers hold open the door open and press the elevator
button for me. Not only do I feel the pressure to take the
elevator instead of the stairs, but I feel like I should vote
for Obama because they are just so considerate.
However I continue to stand behind the woman who deserves
the presidency.
I’ll most likely be living in a box on the street after
graduating with a Journalism degree. Such a future may hold
some detrimental health conditions. Thus poses my Hillary bias.
She cares about the energy crisis and promises to make health
care both affordable and reliable, and they are issues that
are important to me.
Hillary will bring change to a country that is drastically
weakening. Go Hillary. She does the country good.

–Melanie Menkevich, Temple ’10


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