NYTimes Reporter Mystified By Cheese Fries

The greatest part of having the country’s eyes on you is that suddenly everything you do is just so special. Pennsylvania’s culinary delights are suddenly the focus of a NYTimes Caucus post.sandwich-sccmgcgi.jpg

Was it our  cheesesteaks? How about soft pretzels? Cheesesteaks wrapped in pizza? Peeps? Peeps with cheesesteaks? Various special Amish treats?

No. It was a post about chocolate and cheese fries:

Question to our Keystone State readers: What is it with this Pennsylvania fetish for bizarre world food combinations? In Johnstown, this New Yorker encountered the artery-clogging prospect of cheese-fries. And here in this diner in a perfectly lovely corner of this Berks County we come upon the Marvel Mess, a sandwich combining eggs, potatoes, onions, cheese, green peppers and Shiva only knows what else…

Cheese-fries? Really? Obviously Mr. Powell has never been to a bowling alley. Also, the Marvel Mess sounds a lot like a skillet, but on bread. Gasp!

I don’t want to espouse too much Keystone pride, but I’ve seen people in New York eat bugs.


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