The Obama Road Trip


Spring Break road trips are the best! Obama totally partied with the kids at Penn State (20,000!), sucked up to old white people, nursed a cow and bowled really, really poorly with Bob Casey, who also bowled really poorly.

Like, super poorly. And I feel his pain. Bowling is really hard and should never be used to judge the merits of a presidential candidate for one reason and one reason only:


Nixon was the greatest bowler the world has ever known. He built a bowling alley in the White House. He one lost a hand in the tricky world of competitive bowling/hustling and used the insurance money to fund his campaign. He wore hilarious shirts.

Obama’s bad bowling shows one thing clearly. He is not Nixon, and if he wins, we can leave Watergate politics behind us. Huzzah! It’s a new day of HOPE and CHANGE.


2 responses to “The Obama Road Trip

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