The Only Thing More Awesome Than Poetry

Is political poetry! This is from a 69-year-old grandma:

OBAMA 2008!

Global justice billions crave
Revolution now… the wave.
Fresh solutions far and wide
Peace procurement now…the tide.
On waves and tides of cosmic scale
audacity and hope now sail.
OBAMA 2008!

U. S. poverty must Go.
A conscientious overthrow.
The working poor, the down and out.
Revolution now…the shout.
Vote ones heart … evolve … transcend…
the Wisdom Way to comprehend.

A living wage for one and all.
Resolution now…the call.
Civil rights again restore.
Revolution! … Just once more.
The Common Dream now full force…
a visionary, gutsy course.
OBAMA 2008!

Universal health care, Yes!
Congress HAS it, are WE less?
Equal rights across the board.
Resolution now… the chord.
Americans, a lively blend,
pilot the progressive trend.

Peaceful revolution, Yes!
The human race to coalesce.
One Creator, over ALL.
One last chance to heed the Call —
Love’s the lesson. Life’s the school.
Peace On Earth. The Golden Rule.
Live the Lesson. Heal our Earth.
Transformation now. Rebirth!


Spur the people stir the fire
Mobilize and walk the wire.
Back on track and off the dime —
Revolution. One last time.
So amplify the drums and riff.
Be the ANSWER to “What if……?”



One response to “The Only Thing More Awesome Than Poetry

  1. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord…but they are watering from reading the awkward poems in this article.

    Lay down your pen, and to to a voting booth! Please!

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