Sandwich Vote


DiBruno Bros. is fixing up some “presidential” themed sandwiches to celebrate the April 22 primary:

Not surprisingly, both sandwiches are packed with flavor and zest. The Barack Bratwurst was designed to capture the spirit of Chicago’s favorite son. Bratwurst is one of the Windy City’s top street foods, and Senator Obama is a big fan of chili. So Di Bruno’s blended them into one yummy treat: kobe beef chili, served on a Chicago-style poppy seed bun.

Senator Clinton also walks on the spicy side, and is quite partial to olives. And of course, as a resident of the Empire State, she can’t forget the pastrami. Hence, the Hillary Big City Sandwich, featuring pastrami, pickled tomatoes, green olive tapenade, shaved onion, Swiss cheese, and spicy New York-style mustard on pumpernickel.

What does kobe beef chili have to do with a bratwurst? Also, don’t the good people of DiBruno Bros. know that there is no street food in Chicago (except spicy mayo corn)? And the Hillary Big City Sandwich? Isn’t it just pastrami and swiss?

Better sandwiches?

The Barackswell Style Polish: A deep fried polish sausage with grilled onions, peppers and then dipped into a sweet pineapple glaze that forms a shining sugary crust over the entire sandwich. Glossy on the outside, substantive on the inside, guaranteed to kill at least one Chicago politician.

The Clinton: Liverwurst, American cheese, raw onions, tomatoes, mayo and lettuce on whole-wheat bread. Filling, old school and a little bitter, this is something that your mom would pack in your lunch box … if your mom lived through the Depression.


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