Leveling Penn

More commercials! Awesome! Hillary promises to give us all millions of dollars and keep our homes from being foreclosed.

Someone in her campaign reminded Hillary that the Clintons won last time ’cause of the economy, and they could probably do it again. So now we get her economic/subprime mortgage messages.

Hillary made a speech yesterday at Penn bashing the Bush administration’s tax cuts and corporate bailouts, saying people are suffering. And they are. But it’s hard to ignore the irony of her location–some of those kids in the audience are part of the wealthiest 1% of Americans who benefit from the Bush tax cuts. The future leaders of Bear Stearns and JP Morgan could very well be sitting in that room.

It’s not that those students don’t need to hear this message–they aren’t the ones who really need to hear it. They aren’t the ones lying awake at night praying they don’t lose everything.

[Full text of the speech from The New York Times]


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