Obama’s Been Running for President Since Before McCain Was Born

You want HOPE and CHANGE? So does Obama! And apparently he’s wanted it since 1995. The Chicago Reader has opened up it’s Barachives ’cause they’ve been covering him since he was still learning how to be a terrorist. His message is freakishly consistent since then–the Reader’s first profile comes complete with a deja-vu “black churches are complicated” line.

He also loves making out with other candidates’ spouses (watch out Bill!), is considered an Ivy League jerk and might actually be drugging campaign volunteers.

All of this was enough to inspire this nice old dude from Pennsyltucky:

I’m a 65 yo white Republican male from PA in that
great oasis between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh! I’m
going to switch to Democratic so that I can vote for
YOU , Barack Obama, in PA’s primary in April.

I feel that we need a change in Washington– someone
that realizes the needs of individuals in this country
who make less than $50,000 per year and doesn’t focus
on big business and millionaires. I’ve never in my
life been this involved in political matters. I feel
we need YOU in the White House because we need change.
You are the person I feel can do that job. You inspire
me about your policies on matters this country needs
to address.

Richard Ahrens

Which is cute, and a little obsessive.


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