Where the Ballers at?

191031.jpgNothing beats the excitement of following cash this election campaign. The Democrats are rocking small donations and representing the voice of the people, the Republicans are sustained solely by donations from large tax-exempt churches, oil companies, the KKK, Enron, Enron II and Karl Rove’s offshore accounts.

But where’s the money coming from here in Philly? 19103! Our own little Beverly Hills. This gem of a zip code manages to hit two ultra rich neighborhoods–Rittenhouse Square and Fairmount–and has pulled in $1.3 million for the 2008 elections. That’s more than twice the next highest zip code, 19118 (Mount Airy-ish), which brought in about $500,000.

Both zips gave overwhelmingly to Democrats, because even some rich people have hearts.



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