Obama’s on the Radio, Radio

Did you know I work at Philadelphia Weekly? So does blogger extraordinaire Dmac of Philadelphia Will Do, and he’s gonna hang out with Obama. And by “hang out” I mean listen to him on the radio like everybody else:

Barack Freaking Obama called in to the 610 WIP Morning Show and was interviewed by Angelo Freaking Cataldi today. I can only assume Obama’s on his way over to my place later today so we can watch some old Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes. Oh, man, that would be sweet!

Obama even said he wanted to stop by the studios sometime! Plenty of softballs from Cataldi — he’s in Obama’s pocket!! — but he did ask him, “Why should we elect you president?” That’s a question I think commentators on TV don’t really ask, instead focusing on Barack Obama’s pastor and how he offended Pat Buchanan so much he stopped hating gays for a second.

So, yes, if I had a choice of the national TV news covering this election or Angelo Cataldi, it’s 610 WIP’s morning show hands down.

Will Do for audio and more of Dmac’s charm.


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