Brady Endorses … No One Yet

Isn’t it about time that Brady came out and endorsed Clinton?
Aren’t the both old white Democrats that hang out with other old white Democrats? Don’t they belong to some club together where they hope to ride to the top on a wave of party indecisiveness and infighting, all while talking about what it was like to serve in FDR’s cabinet? Don’t they both visit the same hair stylist? (No? Really? Are you sure?)

Maybe they’re just star-crossed. With Brady being a fire sign and Clinton a water sign, this could make him nervous:

Aries, you like to dominate, and you prefer to be center stage. You want to be the leader in a relationship, and Scorpio will let you think you are … for a while. But you’ll soon discover — and this will be a shock — that they plan to take that position in the relationship. And they plan to do it by stealth.


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