Monday Morning Delegate Count!


Did you know last Wednesday, there was another Iowa Caucus?

Neither did I! Turns out that the Great State of Corn awarded Obama even more delegates–he picked up half of Edward’s pledged delegates from round one.

But wait, then what happened to the other half? There are are only two major contenders left for the Democratic nomination, so they must have gone to Hillary, right?

According to the Wall Street Journal … no.

Obama took about half of the delegates that were pledged to Edwards at the caucuses, increasing his apparent share of the state’s national delegates by perhaps six since the January voting. Clinton’s share of the delegates barely budged since the caucuses, despite efforts by her Iowa caucus organizer, Theresa Vilmain, and other grass-roots workers brought back to Iowa to turn out the vote.

It’s just like in gym class, when you’re picked last for dodge ball, except no one actually picked Hillary. So sad!


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