Turns out all those young folks in the Obama office upstairs are on a Bahama-Obama vacation! I know that when I want a good time, I trek to Philly in the middle of March, because nothing spells fun like gale-force winds!

WaPo reports:

Mr. Williams arrived in Philadelphia from Virginia on Saturday with $1 in his wallet, an address for Obama headquarters and nine days of spring break. He was among a small army of college students who traded vacation plans at home or the beach for work as a campaign volunteer in advance of the April 22 Democratic primary in Pennsylvania.

Also, these Springterns had a little run in with the bizarre Philly tradition of starting St. Paddy’s Day celebrations weeks in advance:

“What if I decide John McCain is the hottest guy ever?” says the woman, wearing strands of green Mardi Gras beads. Mr. Williams, a jazz-studies major at Virginia Commonwealth University, fires back: “First of all, I’d think that’s really gross.” After a minute of flirtatious back-and-forth, the woman tucks her bottle under one arm and registers as a Democrat.

Sounds like a party!


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