If By “Stuff” You Mean “Race-Baiting”


Joe Conason has a piece in Salon on the oh-so-many things wrong with Gerry Ferraro:

As she has forthrightly acknowledged, to her credit, her sudden elevation was attributable to her gender rather than to any innate quality of her own. She had no discernible qualifications to serve as president if anything happened to Mondale. And she had done nothing to earn her place on the ticket that had not been done by a couple of hundred other House members. Many if not most of them had done more.

And the reason the Obama campaign is about as far from a parallel as you get:

Obviously the same cannot be said of Obama. He has run a masterful national campaign against a rival whose nomination was said to be inevitable when he began, and he has had to rely on his own powers of inspiration and persuasion to get this far. And the polls indicate that his story may have a far more uplifting conclusion than hers did.

Unfortunately, she’s not going to apologize. Not even half-heartedly. Because she’s being used. Maybe it was on purpose, maybe not, but there’s nothing better for Clinton right now than the comfort outer-suburban whites can take in having someone tell them that it’s not racism, but simple fairness to write off Obama as someone who got a free ride to the top.

Attytude said it best:

Intentionally or not, “Archie Bunker’s congresswoman” was relaying the exact message that the Clinton campaign really wants out there, not in Torrence, Calif., or back in Queens but right here in Pennsylvania, in the mostly white rowhouse “river wards” of Philadelphia and a lot of working class burgs, from Scranton all the way down to the former steel towns of the Mon Valley …

A sculptor brought in to mold a Hillary Clinton voter would have crafted Geraldine Ferraro from scratch. She’s 72 years old now. White. Female. Ethnic. Catholic. Emotionally vested in the idea that a woman should become president in her lifetime. Hailing from the community that was once the face of white middle-class America. Got where she was with the enthusiastic backing of New York big labor. Has views on the role of race in American politics that aren’t exactly ready for prime time, but well, hey, once they get out there you can’t really put the genie back in the bottle, now can you?

But most of all, Ferraro’s not going to issue a real apology because she’s a bitch. And Clinton won’t distance herself because Ferarro’s a bitch. Bitches don’t apologize. Bitches get stuff done, remember?

Dirty, foul, cheap disgusting stuff done.


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