Rendell: Every Vote Is More Important Than an Actual Vote

Also from the conference call, Rendell on taking it all the way to the convention:

“The Obama campaign makes a deal about not changing the rules. We have super delegates and they exercise their own judgment about what’s best for the fall. If Clinton wins Pennsylvania she’ll have won all the big 4 [Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio]. Let’s assume we get revotes in Florida and Michigan Clinton comes ahead in the popular vote but is behind in pledged delegates. Which is the more democratic, the popular vote or pledged delegates? The way we select pledged delegates isn’t one person one vote. The caucus system disenfranchises voters. Who’s to say what the context is going to be when we get to Denver? If we count Florida and Michigan, we have a chance to win the popular vote. Going back to it, super delegates are there to pick who they think is most electable. As a super delegate, I’m going to pick who I think will win in the fall.”

I hope Rendell campaigns for me when I run for president.


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