Obama Charges For Lawn Signs, Hope and Change

Metro Philadelphia reported that the Obama campaign is charging people $5 a pop for lawn signs:

i_want_youthumb.jpgI stood next to a young woman offering herself as a volunteer at the reception desk at Obama’s Philadelphia headquarters on the fourth floor of a former bank building at 15th and Sansom streets in Center City. She asked for a poster to put in her front yard in Powelton Village. She was told that such a sign would cost $5. And she paid. “I felt guilty,” she said later, noting that when she worked as a volunteer for Chaka Fattah during his run for mayor no one charged her for campaign posters.

The writer’s young friend got a good deal, though, because my pal Jeff was charged $8 for a lawn sign! And $3 for a button!

But should he be charging for lawn signs? Is that fair to all those people out there, hungry for change and hope and hope and change, who just want to display their love for Obama?

Why not? Lawn signs are printed by union labor. Do you know how expensive they are? $1.19 a piece!

Love doesn’t come cheap.


One response to “Obama Charges For Lawn Signs, Hope and Change

  1. Guess what? It costs money to campaign. It costs money to win. 1 in 300 people in America has actually gone so far as to contribute to Obama’s campaign. And we will keep giving. We know that he cannot beat the Clinton machine without significant help in the form of donations and volunteer time. We’re asking what we can do to bring about change, not just demanding that Barack Obama do for us. That’s what makes this candidate and this campaign different. It is a grassroots effort.

    The campaign provides supplies as it can, but we here on the ground also take the initiative to make things happen. That what grassroots means.

    The payoff is that we get someone in office who “gets it” and who listens. That’s worth the effort. Hillary Clinton tells us she knows what good for us and blows through her campaign funds on doughnuts, party trays for caucuses, and high-priced hotels and consultants. I am very comfortable with the way the Obama campaign is spending its money. It has spent it strategically and smartly. There is no way that Obama – for all his rhetorical genius and amazing political gifts – would be winning right now if the campaign wasn’t run the way it is run – as a massive ground-up field organization.

    This is a campaign about working hard for change. Not about being given trinkets by Big Brother in exchange or your vote.

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